Lot 407 | 2022 California Sauvignon Blanc 750ml

Lot 407 | 2022 California Sauvignon Blanc 750ml

Off the top, why in the name of everything good would I go for another California-appellated wine?

Because it's delicious!

Those on this list for long enough know my love for Fumé-styled and Fumé-adjacent Sauvignon Blancs, the world over. It's one of the few categories where I kiss less "frogs" and get more "finds." The reason for this comes from the simple fact that very few do this style nowadays, so you can't bring something to market half-hearted, it's gotta rock!

And, today's offering fits that bill. Lot 407 | 2022 California Sauvignon Blanc comes to us from a boutique winery in the Sonoma region, expertly crafted by the hands of a deft and decorated winemaker. The blend is approximately 50% Mendocino, 30% Russian River Valley and 20% Clarksburg AVA's. (hodgepodged enough to not carry a prestigious appellation, but all that be damned, it's great juice). 50% of the blend sees 6-months in mostly neutral oak on its lees so I would call this more Fume-adjacent, than Fumé.

The source wineries reputation is such that they don't worry about the CA appellation and they manage to sell these for around $20-25 a bottle.

Vanilla blossoms wrap around a core of grapefruit and citrus kissed by ginger and vetiver perfume, all haloed by peach essence. Bright and juicy on entry with a touch of barrel toast influence, stone fruits and citrus flesh out over abundant citrus-flecked minerality. The finish is long and lip-smacking, making for a clean, fresh, bright, and complex experience.

Whether you are looking for a fantastic poolside sipper, palate refresher after a long day at work, or a terrific wine for summer fare, this crisp, refreshing, and remarkably complex wine for the price will knock your socks off!

Alc. 13.5%

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