$100 eGift Certificate for a Buck Promotion

Need Holiday gifts?

Spend $300 in the Bottle Shop and receive a $100 eGift Card for $1!

And the offer scales, too!

Spend $600, get two x $100 eGift Cards for $2!

Spend $900 get three x $100 eGift Cards for $3!

...and so on and so forth.


  1. Click eGift Card image below and add a $100 eGIFT CARD(s) to your cart for every $300 you spend. The Gift card does not count towards the $300 minimum spend.
  2. The discount for the eGift Card is automatic and will trigger once you have met or exceeded $300 of Bottle Shop wine in your cart. No coupon is necessary.
  3. The eGift Card product is the first item in the Bottle Shop collection linked in the button below. YOU CAN ONLY ACCESS THIS SALE THROUGH THE LINK BELOW.
  4. eGift Cards are Virtual and will be emailed to you upon completion of your order. Look for the email that says "de Negoce $100 Gift Card" in the Subject.
  5. eGift cards are as good as cash in our store for either Bottle Shop or Futures orders.

Stock up on some wine AND gift the eGift card. Ahem...can we suggest some Champagne before it gets too far into December? This offer is good through midnight PST Saturday, December 10, 2022.

Gift Card Image

The fine print: The eGift Card does not count towards the $300 purchase. The eGift Card information will be emailed to you separately from your order confirmation. You need to have actually added the eGift Card to your cart when you were making your $300 purchase of wine in order to get an eGift Card certificate. The eGift card certificate discount will trigger automatically once your cart meets or exceeds $300 worth of in-stock wine EXCLUDING any shipping or taxes. Future wines are not part of this promotion and will NOT trigger the discount on the eGift Card. This discount is not stackable with any other discount or discount code. Treat the eGift card code like cash.