How to Customize and Send e-Gift Cards

You've purchased or are thinking of purchasing a de Negoce e-Gift card and want to send it to your prospective giftee/recipient. Here is how to e-Gift like a pro.


Step 1: Complete Purchase

Add your e-Gift card to your cart and check out.

Step 2: Confirm Purchase

After you have purchased your e-Gift card, you will receive 2 emails: 1) Confirming your order AND 2) Another with the e-Gift card info. We are going to focus on forwarding the second email with all the relevant information that your giftee will need to start shopping and using their gift.

Step 3: Identify the correct email to forward

The email you are looking for should look like this in your inbox:

After opening the email, the message should look like this:


After clicking the link you should be directed to a page with the e-Gift card code associated with your purchase. It should look like this:

Now that we know you have the correct email, let's forward it to your giftee.

Step 4: Forward the Email

In your e-Gift Email, click the option to forward the email.




Step 5: Edit & Customize the Email

Delete the Forwarding information and Edit the subject.


Enter the giftee/recipient's email address and edit the subject with a custom message. 


Add a custom message.

Step 6: Complete the Mission

Send and call it a day for gift shopping =)