• My name is Cameron Hughes. Wine futures are here.

Welcome to De Négoce

As a negociant or wine trader, I've been sourcing and selling great wine from around the globe for over 20 years. My new de Négoce [day-NA-go-SHAY] platform offers you the opportunity to pre-purchase  these wines before they go into the bottle. Known in the trade as En Primeur or futures, buying wine out of the barrel allows you to access pricing not seen since the 1970's.

Of course, none of this operates without the crucial ingredient of trust. And while the phrase "trust me" stands perhaps a little tarnished in today's world, I ask for your trust and promise every wine will be as represented in the offer.

Wine may only be purchased via our email list. Offers are made in tranches. 

Once a tranche closes, the wine is bottled and shipped to you.

The sooner one signs up, the sooner you will receive the offer. 

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For Customer Service inquires please email: support@denegoce.com

“It is one of the great mysteries of the universe how negociant Cameron Hughes produces wines like this at such a great price.”

- Wine Enthusiast Magazine

"Really good wines at prices that are almost too good to be true."

- Wall Street Journal

OG de Negoce

The OG series from de Negoce offers unparalleled value in wine. Only available via email offer on a pre-sale or futures basis so sign up today for our mailing list.