How It Works

Deep-rooted connections built over decades enable our team of industry insiders to discreetly acquire extraordinary wines from some of the world's best producers and prized vineyards at a fraction of the retail price. We pass those savings to our customers.

Unparalleled Sourcing

De Négoce was founded by Cameron Hughes in 2020, and is now run by the core team from the early days of Cameron Hughes Wine. With decades of sourcing experience and unparalleled access, we uphold the same relentless commitment to quality and value.

Unbeatable Prices

We negotiate discreet deals directly from the barrels and cellars of world-class producers, then offer them to you under the De Négoce label to protect the source winery. This makes it possible for our customers to save 60-80% off the original prices.

Two Ways To Shop

Get the best deals via our Wine Futures Shop to pre-order wines before they are even bottled. Or, if you want to try our wines right away, order from the Bottle Shop.

About de Négoce

de Négoce was founded in 2020 by Cameron Hughes - a pioneering wine négociant (trader) with over 20 years of experience in the industry. In our first year of business, we sold over 92,000 cases of wine, making de Négoce the #1 direct-to-consumer brand for wine in the USA! As specialists in the acquisition and marketing of fine wines, we source top-quality wines from premium wineries and sell them to you at 60% - 80% off under our label.