How It Works

It's simple. I source a high-end "bulk" wine I find compelling, complete the final blend, and negotiate a price.

Once I have the wine under contract, a "pre-arrival" or pre-bottling offer is made to the list at an incredible price. The offer stays live until the wine is sold out. Emails are sent to the list based on sign-up date...the earlier you signed up, the earlier in the cycle you will receive the email.

Wines are currently sold by the 12-bottle case only. Because the wine is sold first, I can work exceptionally lean and offer unparalleled values.

Once sold, the wine is bottled and prepared for shipment.

Please Note: The wine you are buying usually bottles within 4 weeks of the offer. As we approach the bottling date, we will send you an email with temperature-controlled shipping options or you may choose to have us hold the wine over the summer months. You will be able to adjust your ship date if needed.

Once the wine is shipped, you will receive updates and tracking information via email.

This program is subject to change over time and will be updated from time to time.