Lot 206 | 2018 Chalk Hill Syrah 750ml

Lot 206 | 2018 Chalk Hill Syrah 750ml

$55/bottle under the original label

Bit of a long story here so I will try to keep it short.

This wine was purchased and bottled into shiners in March as we had an open bottling slot. The original wine for Lot 206 had fallen out of deal so I assigned Lot 206 to this 2018 Chalk Hill Syrah.  At the time, we weren't able to get labels printed before bottling so it has been stored in shiner and well, kinda forgotten about. That is, until our bottling partners asked us at the end of the summer when the hell we were going to get this wine out of their warehouse. Oops, sorry guys.

Anyhow, labels were printed over harvest and they went on a few weeks ago.

Now, the good news is I got a HELL OF A DEAL on this wine at the time (not a lot of guys looking to buy 2018 Syrah in winter 2022) and I think you'll find the offer quite compelling. Even better, the wine now has 8-months in bottle and is drinking great.

Normally retailing for $50-$60/bottle, it's yours today for just $16/bottle!

Told you I got a good deal :-)

The bouquet features an alluring core of blueberries, dark chocolate, and black plum with leather and cigar box spice notes providing lift and complexity. Generous, chewy and full-bodied on the palate with robust tannins nicely integrated with ripe blue fruit that fleshes out into a velvety mouthfeel and melting away in a silky smooth finish. Stylistically, this is a robust California Syrah but, at 14.3% alcohol, its richly woven tapestry of ripe fruit and potent-yet-elegant structure keeps it on the right track. Its bold and broad-shouldered but never overly-opulent or fat.

100% Chalk Hill, 100% single vineyard, estate-grown fruit
40% new French oak
14.3 alc.
300 cases available
Ready to ship!

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